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[aprssig] Findu.com Track History Help

Steve Dimse steve at dimse.com
Fri Jul 29 07:18:52 UTC 2005

On Jul 29, 2005, at 2:38 AM, Jason Creager wrote:

> Perhaps I'm just exhausted from the trip, but we left Tuesday for a  
> trip to Great Basin National Park from Las Vegas to Utah and back  
> down.
I jealous, I spent a week at Great Basin last September, a real  
undiscovered gem of a park! I can't wait to go back. Make sure you  
include a trip to Lexington Arch, it is mind-blowing! Just make sure  
the shocks on your car are good, the road is bad!

> I can't remember exactly when I turned my tracker on, but I know  
> that it
> was working and reporting on one of the Utah roads near the Parowan
> Petroglyphs on Tuesday. The eastern end of Nevada is practically  
> devoid of cellphone coverage, so I wanted to see how well we were  
> tracked, so I left the tracker running all the time since Tuesday.
> We're planning to go back next year and hike to the glacier (yes, a  
> real
> glacier in Nevada), alpine lakes, and to Wheeler Peak. The starting
> altitude is 10,000 feet, so it would be nice to know that I could  
> get a
> message out via packet if need be.
I can answer that. You would not have any luck on the hike to the  
glacier, it is in a cirque with only coverage to the east, which has  
no APRS activity until you get to I-15, too far for coverage. The  
APRS activity is to the west and north. Don't let this discourage  
you, the hike there and to the bristlecone pine grove is awesome, my  
pics are at


You will have better luck on the higher elevations of the hike to  
Wheeler Peak. However, once you get to these places, your cell phone  
will start working. You get the cell coverage as soon as you reach  
the saddle between Wheeler and Bald, as soon as you can look west.  
You would have it from there (about 11,400 feet), to the summit of  
Wheeler. APRS coverage would be about the same, as the digis are in  
the same populated areas around Ely.

I made it to the top of Bald, but it snowed (on September 2), three  
days later I tried Wheeler, only made it to 12,500 before there was  
too much snow to go on. OK, maybe it was because I was too short of  
breath, but I would have made if if it wasn't for the snow I was  
slogging through. Honest!

> The raw data for KC0ERG-3 from Findu shows the older data, but I  
> can only get the graphic on FindU to display the last little bit  
> from where we popped over the hill on US 93 and came in range of  
> KE7XO-1. It's probably simple, but I don't think I'm in any  
> condition to futz with CGI parameters right now.

That shows everything findU has on you, posits are saved for 120  
days, so 9999 hours is more than enough to see everything.

Steve K4HG

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