[aprssig] PATH clarification when travelling

Brad Smith smithb at bpsmicro.com
Fri Jul 29 12:43:17 CDT 2005

[Apologies if this gets posted twice...]
Okay, I *think* I'm pretty clear on the new paradigm, but there's one
lingering question to toss out. It involves a mobile taking a trip that'll
involve travelling through areas that have upgraded to the new paradigm, and
some that haven't.
If one were to set the path to, say "RELAY,WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1", would that be
the best compromise? I'm well aware that stopping to change the path as you
entered each area would be ideal, but without adequate info (eg. a
centralized database) of what PATH works best in what areas, that's a tad
difficult (not to mention inconvenient in some cases).
Specifically, if I'm in an area where RELAY has been discontinued, and a
local digi hears the above packet, will it just ignore the RELAY and deal
with the WIDE1-1? Or will the fact RELAY is in the packet cause the whole
thing to be tossed out?
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