[aprssig] RE: findu.com and ui_view cgi suggestion

Andrew Rich vk4tec at tech-software.net
Fri Jul 29 21:47:58 CDT 2005

Why ?

Cause when you are generating digi coverage maps using ui-path, which plots
the coverage,
it is usefull to be able to "replay" data for as far back as you can go.

The more points the better.

hence the filter request on "anystring" where you would put "digi callsign"

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Ok then Steve, having found what I did with UI-View that you can use
rawposit.cgi to replay to ui-view,

Can you make me a cgi VERY close to rawposit.cgi that matches on anything,
not just the callsign please ?

I want to replay all data in your database that matches "VK4GME-3" a local
digi for example

So I can replay to ui-view (which gets around the DoS attack problem).

This way only UI-VIEW or any client has to initaite the PULL action.

Cause when you go in on port 80, the data is sure to go back to the IP that
asked for it

UI-VIEW config to download data from findu.com and replay

1) Put www.findu.com:80 in your aprs server setup field
2) Untick logon information
3) Put this in the "Send extra text on login"

GET /cgi-bin/rawposit.cgi?call=k4hg&start=48&length=24

And then "logon to aprs server"

It connects to port 80, HTTP, get the cgi and replays to UI-VIEW


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