[aprssig] RE: findu.com and ui_view cgi suggestion

Andrew Rich vk4tec at tech-software.net
Fri Jul 29 22:13:58 CDT 2005

or even a wildcard


I am not sure what call the iss is using, and want to see all data from

could you modify the select statement

select * from raw_data where callsign="RS0ISS-12"


select * from raw_data where callsign like "RS0ISS%"

that way you will get all traffic from RS0ISS-1 -2 -3 or what ever

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Ok then can you make me a raw cgi that will do more than one callsign ?

comma seperated should do it


select * from raw where callsign in

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On Jul 29, 2005, at 10:37 PM, Andrew Rich wrote:

> Can you make me a cgi VERY close to rawposit.cgi that matches on
> anything,
> not just the callsign please ?
> I want to replay all data in your database that matches "VK4GME-3"
> a local
> digi for example

No, the raw data is not indexed on free text because the index would
be prohibitively large for this 24 GB table. If you asked for all
packets in the last 24 hours that contained VK4GME-3, the only way
would be for the database to access each of those 1.4 million packets
and do the search. This would take a long time (upwards of 10
minutes), and since raw is a porous table, it would lock out writes
during the time it took to do this.

Steve K4HG

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