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[aprssig] APRS Satellite filter

Roger Bille roger.bille at telia.com
Sun Jul 31 10:10:37 UTC 2005


 I'm not 100% sure what you looking for but I will try to answer.

 If you want to get packets originated from PCSAT/PCSAT2/ISS then use the p
or b filter, e.g.


 The above will NOT pass packets that has digipeated through
PCSAT/PCSAT2/ISS. Then you need to use the d filter. This will look through
the digi path after the * and pass packets that has been digipeatered. The d
filter do not allow wildcard. Maybe Bob can answer which callsigns is used
in the digi path. 


 You can then combine these to get both packets originated by the satillites
and traffic that has pass through the satillites.

 73 de Roger/sm5nrk

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> What is the best javAPRS filter to capture space stuff ?
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