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[aprssig] indoor tracking. RFID

scott at opentrac.org scott at opentrac.org
Wed Jun 1 14:05:38 UTC 2005

I was thinking of doing something like this with Zigbee transmitters for
tracking paintball players.  I'm curious what the relative GPS accuracy is -
in this case it doesn't matter so much that you know exactly where you are
on the planet, you just want to know where you are relative to everyone
else.  And since everyone's within an area of 20 acres or less, I expect a
lot of their errors would be the same.


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> The simplest implementable solution would be something Bob 
> espoused long ago, tie a PIC/MIM unit to a 433 MHz key  fob 
> transmitter and setup up vicinity tracking digis. The 'new' 
> technology here would be the 'digi' ...
> We need to be able to put something like this with the 433 
> receiver and a linking channel transmitter into a PIC or 
> ATMEL package (actually this looks like a perfect application 
> for John Hansen's TNC-X!).  Its kinda like a wedding " ... 
> something old, something new ..."

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