[aprssig] Re: offlist: tracking

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Jun 1 14:16:02 CDT 2005

> On the one hand, what use is indoor ham tracking, 
>besides body recover after the roof caves in?

Let me clarify what I am talking about.  Here are the examples
that ar driving my interest:

1) A HAM RFID=>APRS translator at our HAM club. 
    a) FOr meetings, it lets you know who is there
    b) Its impossible to raise anyone inside the meeting to
        see if son-and-so is there because eveyrone turns their
        HT off when they are in the meeting.  But going to the
        club to meet someone if you konw they are there is
        half of what the clubhouse is all about
    c) On weekends and other evenings there are often  
        people there working on projects, etc.  See (b).

2) One at the HAM store
3) One at the EOC
4) One at the Campus Gate
5) At Dayton or other BIG events, one in each room
6) One at the favorite after-meeting bar, etc...

Just a way to find HAMS who are out doing HAM radio
and making their presence known.

>If someone doesn't know where I am at all--they can 
>reach me by a digital selective call to my primary radio.
>[or cell phone]

But that is a selective process.  Many times, Its not till
I see someone that then I remember that I want to meet
him about something.  SO just looking at APRS and seeing
who all is at the meeting has more value, because I would
not call all of them to ask (are you at the meeting?)

Just some thoughts.

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