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[aprssig] K5FTW-5 Digi Changes

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Jun 1 20:05:01 UTC 2005

>>> Richard Montgomery <kb4ytm at gmail.com> 6/1/2005 2:52:19 PM 
>I also setup 4 digi's with the 8.3 parms but they
> have 8.2 and also didnt choke on the 
>UITRACE WIDE,30 setting.  But, I did have 
>to add WIDE1-1 to the UIDIGI list to get that part
> to work properly. 

Yes, but there still lingers the report that some 8.2 ROMS
do not propelry eliminate dupes when UITRACE is
used to support WIDEn-N.  So please confirm the
operation of any 8.2 ROMS and watch carefully for
WIDEn-N dupes.  (same packet twice from the same


I also kept the S overlay since it half worked like the 8.3.


Mike Heskett wrote:
> The K5FTW-5 digi in Fort Worth, TX has been changed to the new
> However, there was a hitch.
> It is a KPC3 (not a +) with 8.2 (3F4427265).  I read the 8.2 
> implementation and it said that if it choked on the 30 in the
> then you need to implement the 8.2 rules.  Well the TNC did not have
> problem with the command so I thought (there is the problem) it must
> OK. I implemented the 8.3 rules but found that when I transmitted a 
> packet with WIDE1-1, WIDE2-1 this is the way it got digipeated:
> WB5QLD>APS221,K5FTW-5*,WIDE1,WIDE2-1/1:=3250.56N/09711.49W-PHG6230
> - Hurst, TX
> The WIDE1 appears to be the problem described in the 8.2
> so I changed it to the 8.2 commands.
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