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[aprssig] Win APRS Mobile

scott at opentrac.org scott at opentrac.org
Thu Jun 2 01:25:17 UTC 2005

Is the TNC board in the D700 the same as that in the DR-135?  Does anyone
know how the APRS functions integrate with the TNC?

I'm considering the possibility of building a version of my ARM-based TNC
that'd work as a drop-in replacement for at least the TNC in the DR-135.  If
the D700 is similar, I imagine it ought to be able to build an interface
layer that would correct some of the APRS behavior of the radio.  It could
be made to translate new message formats into those understood by the D700,
for example.

Just a thought...


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> I'm not familiar with the particulars on WINAPRS or that GPS, 
> but using a D700:
> The GPS (I use Garmins, GPS II+ and Streetpilot) stays 
> plugged in to the D700.  Hook the Laptop up to the serial 
> port on the front of the radio body. Use a straight through 
> cable, NOT a null modem.
> Sent the radio's TNC to "PKT"  This bypasses the internal 
> APRS firmware and turns control of the internal TNC to the software.
> Ensure the sofware uses a TNC initalization file for the 
> Kenwood radios.
> The GPS feeds data to the radio which is passed through the 
> serial port to the APRS software.
> I've been very successful in this using APRS DOS and APRS+SA.
> Good luck and 73
> Ron wrote:

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