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[aprssig] Win APRS Mobile

Randy Allen ka0azs at earthlink.net
Thu Jun 2 01:33:15 UTC 2005

I believe they do use the same internal TNC (TASCO comes to mind for 
some reason), but not having a DR-135, cannot confirm.

scott at opentrac.org wrote:

> Is the TNC board in the D700 the same as that in the DR-135?  Does anyone
> know how the APRS functions integrate with the TNC?
> I'm considering the possibility of building a version of my ARM-based TNC
> that'd work as a drop-in replacement for at least the TNC in the DR-135.  If
> the D700 is similar, I imagine it ought to be able to build an interface
> layer that would correct some of the APRS behavior of the radio.  It could
> be made to translate new message formats into those understood by the D700,
> for example.
> Just a thought...
> Scott
> N1VG 

Randy Allen, KAØAZS

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