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[aprssig] NOSaprs (JNOS 2.0c5) - NEW custom crossport digi rules

maiko at pcs.mb.ca maiko at pcs.mb.ca
Thu Jun 2 03:09:41 UTC 2005

Greetings everyone,

For any NOSaprs users out there ... managed to find a bit of free
time during the mini-soccer season ... so here goes ...

JNOS 2.0c5 is ready and I have made it the latest official release
just to help me get a bit more organized I suppose. That means you
can now download the full 2.0c5 distribution. An incremental update
is also available for users of 2.0b and later. DOS version remains
at 2.0c4 (sorry, no time to work on it).

The big thing I suppose is the new AX25 crossport digipeating code
that lets you configure as many crossport digipeat rules as you want
for any specific digipeater calls. Since this is at the AX25 level,
it applies to connected, unproto, aprs, and non-aprs applications.

The APRS people will like where this is going - ie, receiving some
thing like HFUSER>APRS,WIDE on an HF port, and automatically having
JNOS broadcast it out a VHF port as HFUSER>APRS,VE4KLM*,WIDE.

Taking it further, it was suggested that perhaps it could go out
the VHF port as HFUSER>APRS,N1OHX*,WIDE3-3 instead (in other words,
doing a call sign substitution during the crossport digi). Still
need to implement that one, but it's a no brainer to put in.

If other people have specific needs or formats for this feature,
I'll be more than willing to add them to the existing code.

Aside from that, just did some bug fixes, restructured some of the file
areas used by NOSaprs, and played around some more with my DXP38, managed
to get some actual successful forwarding done between JNOS 2.0c5 and Jim's
Winlink 2000 system down in Montana using my DXP38 at Pactor I level.

This is funny (actually not) - blew my com ports on my PC two days ago,
must have been the RF coming back into the shack ... good grief !!! so
much for playing with my DXP38 and Pactor - AGAIN !!!

Working on a map display for NOSaprs, as well as a JNOS status webpage
for the conventional packet stuff like - just heard, mbox past, current
users, interface list, and other stuff.

You can download source, configs, and other information from the
official website (below) - hopefully I haven't made any mistakes:



Maiko Langelaar / VE4KLM

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