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[aprssig] more on locating

John Bird snowbird1 at optusnet.com.au
Thu Jun 2 10:33:11 UTC 2005

I am one of the oldies and would need a bit more technical detail and 
instruction on these RFID tags and Tx's
e.g. What are RFID tags
        In reference to programming a PIC.I have some software and info but 
where could I obtain the software program for this particular exercise.

At 03:37 AM 2/06/05, you wrote:

>Bob wrote:
>"Here is how I envision that Ham Radio can use
>these RFID tags:
>We build these pocket-tracker type RFID=>APRS
>translators.  They are simply the PIC and RF transmitter
>of the Pocket Tracker, comnbined with the RFID reader
>for our ARRL style RFID tags.  Depending on the
>size of the reading device, these "translators" can
>be mounted in any room or gate, or checkpoint
>where we need to know where adjacent participating
>hams are.
>But... you don't need the RFID tags for this.  The "trackees" are already 
>carrying a transmitter that beacons its name periodically.  In either case 
>you'd have to have some sort of centralized widget that receives the ID 
>signals (be they RFID or APRS) and translates that to 
>Why not just detect the 144.39, read the id, and shoot that out.  If you 
>want a cheap tracker source for nametags, use one of the little 
>transmitter tags with unique ids (like garage door openers and car 
>keys).  Nothing says it has to be in the ham bands.  Or, if you want to be 
>in the ham bands, why not program a PIC to send your coded callsign on 40 
>or 80m (run the clock at, e.g. 7.1 MHz), and then DF that indoors. (There 
>ARE some legality aspects on this latter approach that would need some 
>work).  Actually, 10m might work, since lots of processors can run at 29 
>MHz, or you could run at a third of that, and filter for the third 
>harmonic (or maybe radiate on 6m, using the third or fifth harmonic).  The 
>antenna can actually serve as part of the filtering network.
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