[aprssig] K5FTW-5 Digi Changes

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Jun 2 08:10:31 CDT 2005

>CAP are you sure about MONITOR OFF? 
>All of mine are on. I thought that
> MONITOR OFF is for connected stations only????

Over the years there have been occassional
problems with TNC's that lockup due to having
monitor on and nothing connected.  If the
handshaking bits are not properly configured,
the serial output buffer can fill up and who
knows what happens then.  One old TNC
would then dump the entire buffer over the air.

Another one just happened to hang on to only
semicolons which wouild pile up until the buffer
was full of 256 semicolons and then dump them

So, yes, the setting of monitor *should not*
have any impact at the digi if there is nothing
connected to the serial port.  But sometimes
there is a teeny-tiny gotcha that we dont find
out about until later.

So I generally turn monitor off if there is no PC
permanently conncted... doesnt hurt.    Bob

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