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TRACEx-x RE: [aprssig] God save us!

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Thu Jun 2 20:07:16 UTC 2005

>From Fox News today:

The bulky "Big Eyes" binoculars have long been aboard military ships so crew 
members can see points about five miles away. But a company called Torrey 
Pines Logic has designed an infrared attachment to allow soldiers looking 
through them to communicate with each other, since the Navy doesn't use 

And here I was wondering why the PCSAT ground station involved giant 
semaphore flags...


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> >but between the increased load from growth of
>>APRS and the abuses both ignorant and malicious of
>>large values of n, TRACEn-n support is going
>>away, as is support for large values of n for WIDEn-n.
> But under this New-N system, ALL paths using WIDEn-N
> will be fully traced.  Thus we will have a network that
> can be analyzed perfectly.  No, it is harder to trace
> beyond 2 or 3  hops, but then again, that is not your
> network anymore.   Beyond that range it belongs to
> the users there..., not where you are.
> de Wb4APR, Bob
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