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Stephen H. Smith wa8lmf2 at aol.com
Thu Jun 2 18:01:07 CDT 2005

cak at dimebank.com wrote:

>The Compaq/HP units are pretty cheap, pretty powerful, and have
>a decent display. Does WinAPRS or Xastir run on them? Do they
>have enough audio capability to run a "audio card TNC"?  I don't
>have religious issues about if the unit is running PocketPC or Linux.
Pocket PCs ARE NOT miniature PCs!  They run on one of several different 
non-X86 processors and the operating system IS NOT Windows, although it 
superficially "looks like" regular Windows.  The system architecture is 
fundamentally different from standard PCs in that the OS and programs 
are stored in, and executed in-place from, flash memory (i.e. from RAM) 
rather than being stored on disk and booted into RAM for execution.  

As a result, no normal PC software (Such as WinAPRS) will run on Pocket 
PCs, although some programs have look-alike counterpart versions for the 
Pocket PC such as "Pocket Word", "Pocket Acrobat", XMap Portable (Pocket 
version of Street Atlas), etc.

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