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[aprssig] Re: WinAPRS mobile

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Jun 2 23:13:51 UTC 2005

>... I'd like to have  a few features in a vehicle-
>mounted system ... and nothing seems like the 
>right solution unless I go with some sort of PC 
>mounted in the truck.  

This may seem old hat, but dont forget APRSdos that
runs on any PC going back to a 286, requires no 
mouse, and all functions can be easily manipulated 
wtih single finger key presses.   The maps aren't
great, but they ARE at least as good as the basic
maping packages built into many GPSs to date
(withoug street downloads).

Plus, an old laptop runs about $5 at any hamfest
and about $25 for color.  And it gives you 100%
two way APRS capability, a full size display, color
and little at risk sitting in the sun and parking lot..

Not pretty by today's standards, but not bad
at all... for functionality...                   Bob

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