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[aprssig] God save us!

Andre PE1RDW aprs at pe1rdw.demon.nl
Fri Jun 3 15:49:10 UTC 2005

Brian B. Riley schreef:

>halleleujah ... I received this from KA2HMZ
>On 6/3/05 9:04 AM, "William Papineau" <wpapineau at hotmail.com> wrote:
>>Hi Brian,
>>Sorry to congest the air waves, I am relatively new to APRS and these were the
>>suggested settings I should use. Will change path to WIDE3-3 or Wide2-2.
>>Thanks for the info.
>>73          Bill
those kinds of paths where common in the early days of the european 
network, the idea was that it would get canceled by colision if it 
entered a crowded area but otherwise kept going, that was before the 
introduction of igates so that was the only way to get as much 
interesting data on the air as posible.
some of these dx paths are still around but they are infrequent enough 
not to do much harm and serve a good indication that conditions are up 
somewhere along the way. Still they are nolonger encouraged because the 
igates can get a message with the position packet to whereever you need 
it to go.

offcourse in wall to wall trafic like you guys have any reduction helps.

73 de Andre PE1RDW

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