[aprssig] Mobile Digis (New -N Paradigm)

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Jun 6 09:04:39 CDT 2005

>>> "kc5zrq" <kc5zrq at d-star.us> 06/06/05 12:10 AM >>>
>Most PocketTrackers can use one of two frequencies.  
>144.340   or 144.390 MHz. 

Just to amplify on that post:

144.34 should not be used for terrestrial APRS.

144.34  is the ATV 2 meter voice channel and
is also why it is used for most balloon flights.
There are many many people who monitor it
24/7 for ATV band openings and weekend

They dont mind hearing a balloon, that is why
they monitor and is why they tolerate the
APRS packets from those balloons.

But it is also why APRS should not ever use
144.34 for terrestrial trackers.  It is using
a frequency that is a natinoal standard for
balloons and ATV going back 20 years or more...

144.34 was built into the early Pocket Trackers
beacuse a lot of them were used as the 
basis for balloon payloads.  But this is not 
appropriate for use for ARPS trackers on the
ground.  That is why subsequent pocket
trackers are delivered with the APRS alternate
input channel of 144.99 these days...


>>> "kc5zrq" <kc5zrq at d-star.us> 06/06/05 12:10 AM >>>
Most PocketTrackers can use one of two frequencies.  144.340
or 144.390 MHz.  There is a newer version of the
PocketTracker that is frequency agile, but most use one of
those two frequencies.

I believe that the settings you mentioned with 144.340
instead of 144.990 MHz would work.

According to the ARRL bandplan 144.340 MHz is part of the
new OSCAR subband.  I've noticed that most amateur radio
balloon launches with APRS use 144.340 MHz.
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