[aprssig] 144.34

Al Wolfe awolfe at Route24.net
Mon Jun 6 14:43:52 CDT 2005

    Speaking of 144.34, I ran into several ATV types at Dayton who were 
quite upset that there was a "hidden transmitter" beaconing on "their" 
frequency that they were trying to use for intercom on Friday.

Al, K9SI

> Just to amplify on that post:
> 144.34 should not be used for terrestrial APRS.
> 144.34  is the ATV 2 meter voice channel and
> is also why it is used for most balloon flights.
> There are many many people who monitor it
> 24/7 for ATV band openings and weekend
> balloons.
> They dont mind hearing a balloon, that is why
> they monitor and is why they tolerate the
> APRS packets from those balloons.
> But it is also why APRS should not ever use
> 144.34 for terrestrial trackers.  It is using
> a frequency that is a natinoal standard for
> balloons and ATV going back 20 years or more...
> 144.34 was built into the early Pocket Trackers
> beacuse a lot of them were used as the
> basis for balloon payloads.  But this is not
> appropriate for use for ARPS trackers on the
> ground.  That is why subsequent pocket
> trackers are delivered with the APRS alternate
> input channel of 144.99 these days...
> Bob, WB4APR

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