[aprssig] Newbie Question

Christopher Long calgoofer at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 6 18:37:33 CDT 2005

Hi all.  I've been reading this list for a while with
some interest, but I confess a lot of it is a bit over
my head.  I'm still trying to unravel all the finer
points of APRS.  But here's my question.  I'm about to
buy my first mobile rig.  I'm quite interested in the
Kenwood 700D because of the built in APRS features.  

Personally I love technology, whether it has a
practical purpose or not.  I have APRSpoint loaded on
my work computer and though I have no radio there I
watch APRS movement around me just out of sheer
interest.  However, my wife doesn't share the
"technology for technology sake" ethic.  She wants to
see practical uses.  So here's my quandry.  How can I
justify the $200+ extra that the Kenwood costs over a
basic 2M mobile rig.  What practical uses can I use to
win over my wife?

Thanks in advance for your input.

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