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[aprssig] KPC3+

NE1B ne1b at adelphia.net
Tue Jun 7 00:04:37 UTC 2005

I am located in a rural area of NH where mobile tracking is marginal, so I 
acquired a KPC 3+ with Ver. 9.0. for a "fill-in" digi.

While reading your latest recommendations for setting this up, I read this 
item below that Version 9.0 should not be used at a DIGI.  Is that true?  I 
was all set to type in APN390.

Your TOCALL in both the UNPROTO and the LTP's should use the
TOCALL of APN383 where APN identifies it as digipeater firmware.   The
"3" identifies it as a KPC-3 and the "83" identifies it as ROM version.
NOTE, that settings for -early- version 8.2 ROMS are different and in
a different file, and that version 9.0 should not be used at a DIGI, or
should be upgraded to the next Kantronics release.  See the APRS list of
TOCALL versions for details of this naming convention.


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