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[aprssig] Confusion with settings.

Ed L. Locklear, KF4CHG kf4chg at earthlink.net
Tue Jun 7 18:46:11 UTC 2005

John Wilcox / NS1Z wrote:

> I have the TM-D700 set up and working apparently well in the shack. I see
> other stations and my position shows up in UIView. Now I want to go for a
> walk with my TH-D7(G) to which I have connected my Gamin eTrex GPS unit. It
> would be nice if I could get my position, while walking, onto the map like a
> mobile would.
> What settings need I adjust on the D7 and D700 to make the D700 digi my D7
> packets? I would guess I need two callsigns, perhaps NS1Z-3 and NS1Z-5 or
> something similar?
> Elmer, can you spare me some knowledge?
> John Wilcox  NS1Z
> EL99bf
> Silver Springs, FL


I live in Columbia Co., FL.  I haven't seen your station but 1 time via 
RF (must of been an band opening).  Nearest digi's to you are WM3B-10 
Levy Co. (Northwest), W4DFU-10 Alachua Co. (North Northeast), and WD4WOV 
Lake Co. (Southeast).  Nearest I-Gate KC4LZN Lake Co. (Southeast) and 
KF4CHG-10 Digi/IGate Columbia Co.  You could possible hit the KC4LZN IGate.

How have you got your UNPROTO path set in UI-View?

On the UI-View Yahoo Groups files section there is documentation on how 
to setup a digipeater.  Follow the instructions on how to setup.

If you need help contact me off list direct kf4chg at gmail.com.  Ocala 
area needs a digipeater.  That is if you are willing to run it 24/7.

UI-View Registrar

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