[aprssig] New Digi Settings

kc5zrq kc5zrq at d-star.us
Wed Jun 8 12:11:23 CDT 2005

All of the digipeaters in my area are KPC3 or KPC3+.  We
have tried to set them to the new n-N paradigm but it hasn't
cut down on the amount of traffic.  There are a bunch of
stations around here, and travelling through, that are using
paths like WIDE2-4 or WIDE2-6.  The Kantronics TNC will just
decrement the -N and digipeat just like normal.

Yesterday we turned off TRACE and FLOOD and put WIDE2-1 and
WIDE2-2 into the UIDIGI field.  Now everything local is
usually 1 hop.  But this has serious problems.  The main
problem is that there is no duplicate protection.  So a
station with a strong signal or at a high spot can hit 5
local digis resulting in the equivalent of 5 hops.

Also this morning we have a band opening.  Right now there
are about 60 stations more than 100 miles from me (and the
local digipeaters) being received by my home APRS station,

Here is a screen capture showing all the activity.

I know there is not much I can do about the tropospheric
ducting, but does anyone have any tips on programming the
KPC3/+ to work better with the New n-N paradigm?  Especially
to cut-off the WIDE2-6 stations?

John, KC5ZRQ
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