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[aprssig] New Digi Settings

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Wed Jun 8 17:39:32 UTC 2005

The KPC 3+ with 9.0 does do dupe checking on UIDIGI but you must change
UIDUPE to 30 (defaults to zero).  Smart digi's (primarily software
digipeaters) and UIDIGI also provide dupe checking.

The only sure way to eliminate these rogue paths is to eliminate paths
entirely.  This can be done using digipeater software which implements
the no-source-routing algorithm shown in the Spring PSR (TAPR
newsletter).  The algorithm is currently under development or has been
implemented by a number of digipeater authors.


Pete Loveall AE5PL
mailto:pete at ae5pl.net  

> -----Original Message-----
> From: kc5zrq
> Posted At: Wednesday, June 08, 2005 12:06 PM
> Subject: [aprssig] New Digi Settings
> Yesterday we turned off TRACE and FLOOD and put WIDE2-1 and
> WIDE2-2 into the UIDIGI field.  Now everything local is 
> usually 1 hop.  But this has serious problems.  The main 
> problem is that there is no duplicate protection.  So a 
> station with a strong signal or at a high spot can hit 5 
> local digis resulting in the equivalent of 5 hops.
> I know there is not much I can do about the tropospheric 
> ducting, but does anyone have any tips on programming the 
> KPC3/+ to work better with the New n-N paradigm?  Especially 
> to cut-off the WIDE2-6 stations?

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