[aprssig] New Digi Settings

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Jun 8 15:28:29 CDT 2005

Just setting the DIGI's to the New-N Paradigm is
only half of the fix.  Here is what I receommend:

0) Keep a bulletin active announcing the New-N
    operations and tell them to google fix14439

1) Education of users.  Look at people's paths and
    send them a reminder if they  are still using RELAY
    or WIDE.

2) Dont try to enforce 2-2 where it isnt needed. This
    only leads to frustration and people trying to work
    around the sysops

3) If only a few people are skirting the system, then
    they also are not all that big of a problem.  No need
    to fight the last 10% of users and create all kinds
    of anarchy just to get that last 10% of improvement.

4) If there are a few bad apples out of your area, just
budlist them or suppress-list them so that they dont
clutter your area.  But its a goo idea to let them know 
it so they can fix it if they want...

just some thoughts.  But be careful.  It is the users
we are trying to support and no uesrs like to be
too tightly managed by sysops.   Good lluck   Bob

>>> "kc5zrq" <kc5zrq at d-star.us> 06/08/05 1:11 PM >>>
All of the digipeaters in my area are KPC3 or KPC3+.  We
have tried to set them to the new n-N paradigm but it hasn't
cut down on the amount of traffic.  There are a bunch of
stations around here, and travelling through, that are using
paths like WIDE2-4 or WIDE2-6.  The Kantronics TNC will just
decrement the -N and digipeat just like normal.

Yesterday we turned off TRACE and FLOOD and put WIDE2-1 and
WIDE2-2 into the UIDIGI field.  Now everything local is
usually 1 hop.  But this has serious problems.  The main
problem is that there is no duplicate protection.  So a
station with a strong signal or at a high spot can hit 5
local digis resulting in the equivalent of 5 hops.

Also this morning we have a band opening.  Right now there
are about 60 stations more than 100 miles from me (and the
local digipeaters) being received by my home APRS station,

Here is a screen capture showing all the activity.

I know there is not much I can do about the tropospheric
ducting, but does anyone have any tips on programming the
KPC3/+ to work better with the New n-N paradigm?  Especially
to cut-off the WIDE2-6 stations?

John, KC5ZRQ
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