[aprssig] KPC3+

Bill Herrmann bherrman at spro.net
Thu Jun 9 01:48:06 CDT 2005

At 08:59 PM 6/6/2005 -0400, Robert Bruninga wrote:
>Let me try again.  To use a KPC-3+ as a digi, plan
>on getting a new 9.0+ ROM.   Kantronics will be
>announcing how to get new ROMS soon....

Bob, since you seem to have a contact at Kantronics could you suggest to 
them that it would be much simpler for everybody if they named the new 
release something other than 9.0? Either 9.0.1 or 9.1 would let people 
identify which it actually is so that we could say "9.0 bad - 9.1 good" 
instead of  "your 9.0 bad - get new 9.0." It's not like they put out so 
many versions that they ran out of 8.x numbers.

Essentially, they appear to be trying to hide the fact that they have more 
than one version of 9.0 but in this information age it isn't possible to 
keep stuff like that hidden. An awfully lot of us are holding off on 
purchasing KPC3+ TNCs because we don't want 9.0. Even after they roll it we 
won't be able to identify when it is safe to buy a new one as there will be 
dealer stock on the shelves. (Of course, it would be really nice if they 
would actually put flash on it like most modern stuff, but I'm not holding 
my breath on that one!)


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