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[aprssig] New Digi Settings

Andre PE1RDW aprs at pe1rdw.demon.nl
Thu Jun 9 16:40:34 UTC 2005

Wes Johnston schreef:

> 2)forcing packets out an igate  has been discussed before... the 
> problem is that inevitibly you'll have 10 people "pushing" packet out 
> into some large city like LA where the network is already saturated.  
> I think a better solution is to let someone in the area register (or 
> subscribe) with a local IGATE for certain data products.  What would 
> be slick is if the tracker in my car could send this subscription 
> message periodically, say mixed in with my positions every 10 
> minutes.  Upon hearing this subscription request, the nearest IGATE to 
> me would send my requested data for the next 30 minutes.  The end 
> result of this is that the data I want to see from a far away place 
> would appear (to me) to follow me around.  From a fixed station's 
> perspective, the data I requested would appear for a short time and 
> when I left town, my data would not clutter the network any more.  
> Also, subscribing to data "pulling" would allow the person on the 
> recieving end the option of stemming the flow of out of area data if 
> they felt the network was nearing saturation.  IGATES already keep 
> dynamic lists of what they will and won't gate out to RF.... they keep 
> a list of stations that have been seen locally and gate messages out 
> to those stations as the messages come along.  This subscription thing 
> would be no different than that except that users on RF would be able 
> to tell the igate other things (other than just messages) they wanted 
> to see on RF.... like the location of another car in another country.
> Wes

Using flexnet actualy gives the sysop the option to decide where the 
remote packets need to go, this can even be a seperate frequentie if the 
local area is already saturated, the digis can anounce what frequentie 
that is in the same way they can anounce what the right path for that 
area is.
I´m not sure about you but when I´m driving I like to keep my eye on the 
road and not on the screen so pulling remote data is only usefull when 
you are stationary and as a result the data will be pulled a lot longer 
then 30 minutes or so.
I also understand that normal packet is death or dying in the usa so 
there sould be plenty of left over packet frequenties to use for this.
you can even mix the puch and pull methode if you are using a seperate 
frequentie for this system anyway, that can be done with subscription 
via a local igate for moving stations or remote digi for stationary 
once you enhance the system by using seperate frequenties for seperate 
purposes there is no stopping the inventions, afterall that path has 
already been set in motion with the alt input for trackers.

73 de Andre PE1RDW

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