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[aprssig] Worldwide APRS Digipeater statistics

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sat Jun 11 00:54:28 UTC 2005

Progress on the New-N Paradigm in last 30 days:

   Doubling of New-N "S" type digis to 206
  1200 of 1400 total digis support WIDEn-N
    228 of  R, W or T digis dont support WIDEn-N

We need to focus on  the old "R", "W" and "T" digis.
They are the only ones that do not support
the New-N Paradigm.  But they can easily.  THe "T"
digis  can be configured to support the New-N 
paradigm by just remote-sysop changes and so 
there should be no excuse in not re-configuring 
these to support New-N.

The old R and W digis can upgrade to UIDIGI ROMS.

Also, although an old "N" digi can support WIDEn-N,
most of them are operating inefficeintly, are using
old WIDE paths for their beacons, and have HID
on and have bad beacon timings.  These need to
be re-configured to "S" digis to show that these
inefficiencies have been removed.

Here are the numbers compared to 30 days ago:

New-N-Paradigm Digis:
  S digis 206 was (113)   New-N's that support SSn-N 
  L digis   80 was   (98)   New-N's (should become S's)
  F digis    6 was    (  0)  KPC3 old ver 8.2 FLOOD only
  P digis  13 was    (10)   New-N   Paccomms (need work here)
  1 digis  22 was    (13)   New-N   one-hop digis

Old style digis:
  N  620 was  (727)   Old WIDEn-N's that flood
  T  112 was  (123)   obsolete PacComm Trace digis
  U  150 was  (195)   UIDIGI ROMS needing updating
  D    88 was    (90)   DIGI_NED software needing updating
  R    97 was    (97)   obsolete RELAY only digis
  W  16 was     (29)   obsolete WIDE-only digis


So progress is being made, especially now that all
the reported anomolies have been found in some of
the digipeater code out there... and workarounds
have been developed.

de Wb4APR, Bob

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