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[aprssig] D700 halfstolen HEAD dead problem

KENT HUFFORD khufford at comcast.net
Sat Jun 11 13:36:43 UTC 2005

I've gotten some good suggestions. One that the cable is still bad, the
other that the 5vdc surface mount fuse on the mother board is blown. 

I have two other D700s. So I took one of the other GOOD Panel cables and
tried it.  No joy.

Checked all the wire pins etc. Must be the cable got shorted when the cretin
tried to pull it out. 

I've taken the radio out, opened it up... Can't find anything that looks
like a surface fuse near the panel connector on the mother board.

I downloaded what was supposed to be the service manual for the D700 from
the .dk web site.  The manual is 81 pages long, but only 53 in the file...
The diagrams are missing.

Any ideas what/where the fuse looks like?

Thanks in advance

khufford at comcast.net

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Subject: [aprssig] D700 halfstolen dead problem

A cretin broke into my van and "tried" to steal the D700 and 706mk2 control
heads from the dash, and the radios from under the seats, but because I had
the wiring so convoluted and the car alarm horn blaring, and 5 Mass. Highway
patrolman 300 feet away, they gave up. But not before tearing apart the
control cable between the D700 box and the control head. I fixed the cable.

But now when I try to turn on the D700 it does not come to life. Nothing on
the screen. The power to the D700 is good. I tried the hard reset, and all I
got was a faint sound from the speaker as static as I pushed the reset.



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