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Tyson S. timbercutter at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 11 19:55:28 CDT 2005

There are many Delorme's out there, which one do you have? The
Tripmate? (I know you don't because you said USB) The Earthmate? or the
other Earthmate? or the latest Earthmate? Some will work others will
not. It sure is nice how Delorme named three totally different GPS
units the same name.

--- Ron <rgilson at adelphia.net> wrote:

> I have been running a RS Digitravlier with my D700 for about 3 years
> and it works very well.  Recently I thought I would try running a
> Delorme with a D7.  The Delorme works with USB or the serial adaptor
> they provide with  the battery tray, when directly connect to 2
> different computers.   Unfortunately following Kenwood's instruction
> of shield to pin 5, Red to Pin 3, and White to Pin 2 of the DB9 I got
> no results.  I thought there could be a typo so I reversed Pin 2 and
> 3 with the same results.  Then I decided to try the Delorme with my
> D700 and again no results.  Am I missing something or are there
> different Serial Data standards for Delorme?  I think I'm missing
> something but can' seem to find what's going on.  Thanks for your
> help.
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