[aprssig] Re: TM-D700A settings for FD

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Jun 14 08:03:37 CDT 2005

>>> "Ian" <ik7565 at verizon.net> 06/13/05 9:51 PM >>>
>I was setting up one of my TM-D700A's for Field 
>Day per your
>and it doesn't like the 20 in the UITRACE TEMP,20 command. 

Yes, maybe it uses the same timer as in the UIFLOOD
parameter.   So therefore we must specify a UIFOOD
setting too?  in that case, maybe we should use
UIFLOOD NONE,20,ID as a way to turn this on,
but them make it not something generally used?

>Also noticed that HID is ON by default..

Yes, it is ON by default in all TNC's and that is
why it is such a waste of Channel capacity if it is
not turned off on all DIGIS.  thanks


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