[aprssig] Field Day APRS

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Jun 15 08:35:04 CDT 2005

Someone pointed out that my page for APRS FieldDay
2005 suggests setting all D700's to UITRACE TEMP,20
to support TEMPn-N rouiting for FIeld Day and
ANY OTHER time someone needs to use a D700 for
digipeating and does not have a laptop to configure it.

By having all D700's always set up with UITRACE
supporting TEMPn-N then we always have a capability
at out fingertips that is also not a burden on the normal
APRS operations.  Here is some testing we need done:

The UITRACE comand in the D700 does not accept
the "20" since it uses  the same time check as the
UIFLOOD parameter.  But we dont want to activate
the UIFLOOD because it is not traceable.  Maybe we
have to use a dummy such as UIFLOOD NONE,20,ID

#2:  Does this still work even in APRS modes in the
various PM's?  Remember that each PM contains
its OWN set ot TNC parameters so when you
make changes from the front panel menu of TNC
parameters, you have to save them in each PM.

I will be in Mexico giving an APRS talk during FD
weekend so I will not be able to provide any FD
guidance.  I hope that those of you planning on
doing the APRS demo on 145.01 that day will
be testing things before hand.

Sure wish someone would write a WEB page that
would accept "signups" of people that plan to use
APRS for fieldday so that we would know what to
expect.  The sign up web page would accept these
items from people:


Then it would display a FINDU of JFINDU map of
all FD activity planned.  Peopel could check the
web page while planning for APRS to see what
will be around them that day.

APRS was deisgned for in-the-field operations.
Every FD site should be on APRS... and due to
the rules, we should try to make contact on 
145.01 for points.  But can use 144.39 for
live demos if nothing shows up on .01?


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