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[aprssig] WinAPRS 2.8.0 released

Brian Webster bwebster at wirelessmapping.com
Thu Jun 16 15:43:30 UTC 2005

	Will there be a version available that still works with the old PMAP 3.0
OCX made available?

Brian, N2KGC

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From: Mark Sproul [mailto:kb2ici at amsat.org]
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Subject: [aprssig] WinAPRS 2.8.0 released

First I want to appologize about this taking so long. Right after
Dayton we had a death in the family (my Grandmother) and that caused
lots of delays.

Anyway, WinAPRS 2.8.0 is up on http://winaprs.org/downloads/WinAPRS/

Recemt addoitons

WinAPRS Version 2.8.0 - May  2005
MacAPRS Version 3.8.0

     * USGS Digital Elevation Model (DEM) files now used as releif
maps for TIGER map backgrounds
     * ArcInfo file support (.E00)
     * TIGER MAP DATA can now be automatically downloaded from within
the program making Tiger maps much easier to use.
     * Davis Vantage Pro weather station working
     * Fixed major bug in Compressed format parsing (BASE-91)

WinAPRS Version 2.7.7 - Aug 25, 2004
MacAPRS Version 3.7.7

     * Major improvements in Tiger map drawing. Specifically the first
time a map was drawn it took awhile to figure out all of the shaded
areas. This has been speed up dramatically and at the same time uses
considerable less memory. HOWEVER, it takes a little longer to
process the map files into binary. It DOES NOT require the ascii
files to create the new version of the binary files.
     * Back ground drawing. Much of the tiger map drawing is now done
in the background. This speeds up many of the map operations.
     * Support for Toporama Canadian map images This covers 100% of Canada
     * Added support for Census Bureau Gazetteer place name file. This
includes searching by city.
     * Added support for GPS data $GPNVP, this is a special, non
standard NMEA sentance used in Korea and Japan. This was added at the
request of Korean users.
     * Added TRUE rotated labels option for Tiger Map display

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