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Probably something to do with the following announcement:

SiRF Technology Acquires Motorola's GPS Chip Set Product Lines

Strengthens its Market Leadership Position & Becomes Preferred GPS Supplier 
to Motorola

SAN JOSE, Calif. - June 2, 2005 - SiRF Technology Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: 
SIRF), a

leading provider of GPS-enabled location technology, today announced that it 
has acquired

Motorola, Inc.'s GPS chip set product lines. As part of the agreement, SiRF 
also has become a

preferred GPS technology supplier to Motorola.

SiRF will integrate into its product portfolio Motorola's existing GPS chip 
set products,

including the MG2000 used in telematics applications and the MG4x00 (Instant 
GPS) used in

cellular handsets and for public safety two-way radio designers across a 
range of mobile

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platforms. To further enhance its GPS offering, SiRF also has acquired the 
rights to some of the

GPS chip set products that Motorola currently has under development. SiRF 
will continue to

collaborate with Motorola to source and integrate robust and competitive GPS 
solutions into

future Motorola products.

Under the terms of the agreement, SiRF has acquired Motorola's GPS chip set 

lines and entered into a supply agreement with Motorola for a total payment 
of $20.0 million in

cash. The Board of Directors of SiRF has approved the acquisition.

SiRF is focused on providing GPS enabled location technology for high-volume 

consumer devices and commercial applications, including automobile 
navigation and Telematics

systems, mobile phones, mobile consumer devices and PDAs. SiRF currently has 
about 240

employees and is headquartered in San Jose, California, with major 
operations worldwide.

Motorola's GPS business has about 40 employees, based in Tempe, Arizona and 


"The opportunity to acquire a team with a critical mass of GPS expertise, 
product lines

that complement our existing products, and a very strong customer base were 
decisive factors in

making this transaction," said Dr. Michael Canning, president and chief 
executive officer of

SiRF. "We believe that combining the strengths of our two teams will enable 
us to provide

broader product offerings and better overall support infrastructure to serve 
Motorola and our

other customers worldwide."

"SiRF is well recognized in the industry as a leading global supplier of GPS 

Motorola has already successfully collaborated with SiRF on a variety of 
programs," said Mr.

Kieran O'Sullivan, vice president of Motorola's Automotive Telematics, 
Interiors and

Aftermarkets Business. "This is a win-win for Motorola since our customers 
will benefit by

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receiving more focused resources from a fantastic partner, and it allows us 
to focus on our core

automotive business by leveraging strategic relationships like the one we 
have with SiRF."

Motorola's GPS chip sets are integrated in a variety of products and 
platforms. These

include the Motorola Telematics systems for automobile manufacturers, select 
Motorola cellular

phones for mobile operators worldwide, and Motorola's GPS-enabled two-way 
radio systems for

public safety organizations.

"Motorola is a leader in the integration of GPS in a range of wirelessly 

systems, especially in two of our key target platforms - automotive and 
wireless handsets - and

we are pleased for the opportunity to become a preferred supplier of GPS 
technology to them,"

said Kanwar Chadha, founder of SiRF. "Strategic collaboration with Motorola 
in the GPS

enabled location technology field will enable our two companies to drive a 
shared vision of

accelerating the development and adoption of location-enabled products for 
consumer and

commercial mass markets."

SiRF expects the transaction to result in a revenue upside of about ten 
percent for the

second half of 2005. EPS impact is expected to be non dilutive for the rest 
of the year 2005 and

be accretive for the calendar year 2006.

About SiRF Technology

SiRF Technology Holdings, Inc. is a leading supplier of GPS enabled location

technology for high-volume mobile consumer devices and commercial 
applications. SiRF's

technology has been integrated into mobile consumer devices, such as 
automobile navigation

systems, mobile phones, PDAs, GPS-based peripherals and handheld GPS 
navigation devices,

and into commercial applications, such as asset tracking devices and fleet 
management systems.

SiRF markets and sells its products in four target platforms: automotive, 
consumer electronics,

mobile computing and wireless devices. Founded in 1995, SiRF is 
headquartered in San Jose,

California, and has sales offices, design centers and research facilities 
around the world. The

company trades on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange under the symbol SIRF. 

information about SiRF and its location technology solutions can be found at 

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