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[aprssig] winaprs station display??

Wes Johnston aprs at kd4rdb.com
Thu Jun 16 21:10:54 UTC 2005

Ah.... I see <<UI>> in all of my packets..... how do I turn this off?  kpc3.


Wes Johnston wrote:

>I downloaded winaprs today, haven't run it in probably two or three
>years.  Thought I'd break out the TNC in the garage and play - haven't
>used a TNC in months.
>In the terminal window, I can see the data that the TNC is hearing, it's
>all on one line as it should be, no problem.
>Winaprs seems to only show stations heard on RF directly though... I
>don't mean direct as in "no hops", I mean direct as in not 3rd party
>packets.  You see, here in our town, kc4pl is the igate,and everyone
>usually connects to him via TCP/IP, so most of the packet on the air
>here are 3rd party, but they aren't showing up.
>after many many minutes of monitoring, I only show about 4 stations
>around me and they are on RF.  The objects (like the local repeater
>signposts), and other stations on TCP/IP do not show... even though I
>saw them go past on the terminal window.
>Ideas?  Is something set wrong? broken?
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