[aprssig] WinAPRS 2.8.0 released

Brian B. Riley brianbr at mac.com
Thu Jun 16 16:44:58 CDT 2005

OK I didn't find any MacAPRS v3.8.0 there yet ... when? Will it be MacAPRS
for OS8/9 or for OSX?

  Any news on when you are going have TNC capability in MacAPRSx ??? I
really would rather  run it on my PBG4 rather than Xastir.

Cheers ... 73 de brian, n1bq, underhill center, vermont

On 6/16/05 10:53 AM, "Mark Sproul" <kb2ici at amsat.org> wrote:

> First I want to appologize about this taking so long. Right after
> Dayton we had a death in the family (my Grandmother) and that caused
> lots of delays.
> Anyway, WinAPRS 2.8.0 is up on http://winaprs.org/downloads/WinAPRS/
> Recemt addoitons
> WinAPRS Version 2.8.0 - May  2005
> MacAPRS Version 3.8.0
>      * USGS Digital Elevation Model (DEM) files now used as releif
> maps for TIGER map backgrounds
>      * ArcInfo file support (.E00)
>      * TIGER MAP DATA can now be automatically downloaded from within
> the program making Tiger maps much easier to use.
>      * Davis Vantage Pro weather station working
>      * Fixed major bug in Compressed format parsing (BASE-91)
> WinAPRS Version 2.7.7 - Aug 25, 2004
> MacAPRS Version 3.7.7
>      * Major improvements in Tiger map drawing. Specifically the first
> time a map was drawn it took awhile to figure out all of the shaded
> areas. This has been speed up dramatically and at the same time uses
> considerable less memory. HOWEVER, it takes a little longer to
> process the map files into binary. It DOES NOT require the ascii
> files to create the new version of the binary files.
>      * Back ground drawing. Much of the tiger map drawing is now done
> in the background. This speeds up many of the map operations.
>      * Support for Toporama Canadian map images This covers 100% of Canada
>      * Added support for Census Bureau Gazetteer place name file. This
> includes searching by city.
>      * Added support for GPS data $GPNVP, this is a special, non
> standard NMEA sentance used in Korea and Japan. This was added at the
> request of Korean users.
>      * Added TRUE rotated labels option for Tiger Map display

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