[aprssig] Universal digi path

Mark White jmarkw at ec.rr.com
Thu Jun 16 20:10:53 CDT 2005

On Thu, 06/16/2005, 08:08PM, n4qwf at ntelos.net wrote:
> Here I am on the outer banks of North Carolina. I was here two weeks ago
> and enjoyed seeing my position reported on Findu without any problem. I
> was using the Tiny track and Kenwood V7A in my wifes car then. I am sure
> the Proto path was set to Wide3-3. While I have been here this week using
> my D700 and the same path I don't see my position digipeated. I see other
> stations on my screen without any trouble and the node shows up all ok but
> no ack of my postion. I setup my D7 HT and monitored my transmissions and
> I showed up on my Winaprs map here at the house so I know I am sending a
> good positions. When I left home the Wide 3-3 worked just fine till I got
> to Currituck and then it stopped working. My question is has the alias of
> the path been changed or something. I have tried the call of the node,
> Wide, Wide1-1, Wide3-3, relay, NC1-1 among many proto paths without any
> lucky. I would think there should be a path setting that should work
> regardless of where you travel. If that is not the case what is a fellow
> to do while on the road. After all that is what APRS was supposed to be
> about I thought. Well maybe someone can clue me in on what gives. Thanks
> for any help! 73's << John

I see you on my map (I'm in Wilmington, NC).  W8JUK heard your station
last at 18:54:52 and IGATEd it.  Path looks OK (WIDE3-3).  KB4TOH looks
to be the closest wide area digi but it looks like it just barely covers
the Outer Banks.  W8JUK and KF4UXI look to be the only APRS stations -
maybe they don't run a digipeater, just an IGATE.  Maybe their
computer's have been turned off a lot this week.  You probably heard the
closest digi - KB4TOH - but were unable to hit it.  It's the same
situation where I live.  I can only hit a wide area digi when tropo
conditions are good - usually every night in the summer.  Plus I'm the
only "full time" APRS station so I run a digi and IGATE.  But I can't
say my station is monitoring 144.39 24/7.  If you come through here when
my radio is off, you'll feel really alone from an APRS standpoint ;-)

73 - Mark

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