[aprssig] Universal digi path

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Jun 16 22:04:39 CDT 2005

By the way,  In Baltimiore/Washington area we
have finally gotten to over 60% of packets using
WIDEn-N this last weekend.  It has steadily improved
over the last several months.  But still plenty of
people need to stop using RELAY and WIDE and

APRSdos shows these statistics when you hit the
ANALYZE command.  I think back before all this
New-N push, it was only about 40% were using
WIDEn-N in this area but they only generated
22% of the packets (at least twice as efficient
as the users of RELAY and WIDE...

Now with 60% using the more efficient WIDEn-N
(with N generally = 2 in this highest density area)
Still too may using WIDE3-3, but it will come down
as we continue to spread the word.


>>> n4qwf at ntelos.net 06/16/05 8:08 PM >>>
Here I am on the outer banks of North Carolina. I was here two weeks ago
and enjoyed seeing my position reported on Findu without any problem. I
was using the Tiny track and Kenwood V7A in my wifes car then. I am sure
the Proto path was set to Wide3-3. While I have been here this week using
my D700 and the same path I don't see my position digipeated. I see other
stations on my screen without any trouble and the node shows up all ok but
no ack of my postion. I setup my D7 HT and monitored my transmissions and
I showed up on my Winaprs map here at the house so I know I am sending a
good positions. When I left home the Wide 3-3 worked just fine till I got
to Currituck and then it stopped working. My question is has the alias of
the path been changed or something. I have tried the call of the node,
Wide, Wide1-1, Wide3-3, relay, NC1-1 among many proto paths without any
lucky. I would think there should be a path setting that should work
regardless of where you travel. If that is not the case what is a fellow
to do while on the road. After all that is what APRS was supposed to be
about I thought. Well maybe someone can clue me in on what gives. Thanks
for any help! 73's << John

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