[aprssig] TS-2000 on UI-View APRS

Ed L. Locklear, KF4CHG kf4chg at earthlink.net
Fri Jun 17 08:34:53 CDT 2005

John Wilcox / NS1Z wrote:
> Has anyone setup the TS2K with UI-View similar to what is done with the
> D700? I believe one can use the TNC2 file for initialization but it would be
> great to have a cmd file that properly sets the TS2K upon entry and exit of
> the program. Any thoughts?
> John Wilcox  NS1Z
> EL99bf
> Silver Springs, FL


I know there are several that have used the TS2K with UI-View and there 
is a .CMD file for it.  I do believe the link below is the correct and 
latest update for the .CMD file.


However, I am not able to help with the issue due to not owning the 
Kenwood unit.

Good luck,


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