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[aprssig] Universal digi path

Cap Pennell cap at cruzio.com
Fri Jun 17 19:27:11 UTC 2005

If the traveler sends a message to the home station, the home station's
local IGate will pop the traveler's position packet out (once) onto local RF
along with the message.

These days most homes have internet access of some sort (or the next-door
neighbor does).  QRMing the entire network (thereby reducing throughput for
ALL the other users) is not courteous.
73, Cap KE6AFE

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> This raises an intesting point - as I understand it, if you want
> to track one station (the traveller) from another (home) that are
> more than a hop or two apart, you have two choices:
> 1. Use a long path that generates QRM over a wide radius, or
> 2. Use a short path to reach an Igate from the "traveller", then
> track the traveller from "home" via the internet.
> If you don't have access to the internet from "home", for
> whatever reason, option 2 doesn't work.

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