[aprssig] Universal digi path

n4qwf at ntelos.net n4qwf at ntelos.net
Fri Jun 17 17:06:29 CDT 2005

I posed the question more to see if I could get from here to there. It
appears that unless you are trying to get to a well populated area you are
out of luck. I have a friend that drives a over the road truck and he used
to run APRS for a long time. Once he got past Ohio I lost him. He did show
on the internet from time to time but not often enough for me to be able
to tell his wife were he was most of the time. He no longer runs the
tracker. I know that network congestion is a issue but really we started
using APRS to keep up with people that were away from home. I usually am
not away from home long enough when I am in my home town for anyone to
need to track me. Special events i.e. "The Virginina Ten Miler" should be
on a special frequency and that is were we run it. Folks in other towns
could cars less were runner number 1 is I would think. However I do care
were my friend is if he is in Kansas. I have a son in Atlanta that usually
tracks me when I am out of town like I am now. He called me on Echolink
the other morning since he could not find me on his map or on Findu in a
reasonable period of time. I don't know the answer to how folks without
high speed internet can get out back home but for the APRS system to work
like I thought it was meant to some method should be available. I leave it
to those that control the network to ponder. 73's << John

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