[aprssig] Designating HOME Igates

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Jun 17 19:58:20 CDT 2005

Yes, this is because I think the IGates only send the
courtesy position once without listening for confirmation
that it got digipeated.   and if it collides,
it is lost until maybe the next retry 30 minutes
later if the QSO is still in progress...    Bob

>>> snslay at swbell.net 06/17/05 8:05 PM >>>
Do you know if this is supposed to work with all I-gate software, or just 
some of them?

I have sent many messages from RF, through an IGate, over the APRS-IS, out 
another IGate to RF and have never seen the position of the far end station. 
Nor, has my position been seen at the far end RF station that I know of.

Just wondering,

Steve Slay
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If you want your position to show up for some amateur radio operator to
see in a remote area, send them a message!

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