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[aprssig] Designating HOME Igates

Patrick Green pagreen at gmail.com
Sat Jun 18 02:35:40 UTC 2005

Xastir does do it for me.  When I test message my internet only
station, I get it's position as long as the path isn't warmed up
before I do it.  It's always done this.

73 de Pat --- KA9SCF.

On 6/17/05, Robert Bruninga <bruninga at usna.edu> wrote:
> Wow!   The courtesy position report for both
> ends of a QSO was fundamental to APRS-IS!
> Please put it in there!  Thanks.  Everyone assumes
> that if they message a station, that they will
> get back a courtesy posit from the local IGate!
> ANd similarly if they get a message from someone
> that the will get a courtesy posit telling them where
> he is!  This is fundamental to how APRS is supposed
> to work.  I never knew that XASTIR left it out!
> Imagine if you are traveling 1000 mile from home.
> Your APRS HT is supposed to give you any message
> anwyehre on the planet sent to you no matter where
> you are.  But if you dont know where it came from
> (local RF or 1000 miles away via IGate) then you
> are really being kept in the dark about a fundamental
> part of yoru communications path!  And XASTIR
> IGATE must do this as a courtesy for good communications!
> de Wb4APR, Bob
> >>> archer at eskimo.com 06/18/05 12:13 AM >>>
> On Fri, 17 Jun 2005, Steve Slay wrote:
> > Do you know if this is supposed to work with all I-gate software, or just some
> > of them?
> Some of them.  Xastir doesn't igate posits through to RF for
> stations that are doing messaging.  I never saw the point in it, and
> I guess the other 12 developers on the project haven't yet either.
> Could get added any day though if someone shows an interest in it.
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