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[aprssig] Designating HOME Igates

Wes Johnston aprs at kd4rdb.com
Sat Jun 18 13:14:35 UTC 2005

What you describe is a "Push" system.  I can PUSH my data out on RF in a
given area.  We've hashed this out before... what happens when 10 of us
want to be seen in LA?  Or Atlanta?  I could flood Atlanta from anywhere
in the world with my tracker.  The solution for this is that the IGATE
needs to be smart enough to involve a throttle of some sort that is
based on the amount of local traffic it's seeing.


Another way (which I prefer) is a subscription - by the person wanting
to see the traveller.  In your suggestion, you said that the traveller
must send a message to the "home igate".  In my suggestion, I'll say
that the person wanting to see the traveller must send a message to the
igate.  The message needs to be general in nature (no specific IGATE
callsign needed), and should cause the IGATE to send position reports
from the requested station - but only for 30 minutes. 

This prevents people from flooding very busy areas w/o realizing they
are causing harm.  The people doing the requesting are on RF in the area
and are aware of the saturation level of the local RF network when they
make the request for an IGATE to sent data.

The thing I _really_ like about this idea is that I can program some
status message to be appended on the end of, say, every 10th packet on
my kenwood d700, and that 'add on' status message could cause the local
igate to send traffic that I'm interested in for the next 30 minutes. 
Let's say I'm interested to know if my wife made it to work on time and
I'm roaming anywhere in the country.  The status text of my tracker
would cause the nearest IGATE  to send my wife's car's position.  As I
travel on past your town, your igate doesn't hear me anymore, and gives
up sending my wife's position reports in 30 minutes.  However, the next
IGATE in the next town ends up hearing my request for my wife's position
and it begins to IGATE her out onto RF. 

To me, it appears that my wife's packets follow me around... to you (in
your home town every day), my wife's packets appear for a while and stop.

The reason I suggest 30minute subscriptions is that I don't want to have
to send the status text appended on the end every packet I send, and due
to collisions on RF, let's conservatively assume every 3rd one will get

In either case, we need to workout the syntax of the command to cause
you to "home" at a particular IGATE, or the status text that causes the


Robert Bruninga wrote:

>So my proposal was to let the USER send a
>message to the IGATE with something like:
>"You are my HOME IGATE beyond 100 miles.
> please Gate me to RF"
>or words to that effect, like maybe abbreviated
>to "HOME > 100".
>Then when someone is traveling they just pull
>out their HT, enter the "HOME" message to
>the call of the local IGate and it is DONE.
>PART-2.  BUT, for safety, too, the IGATE must
>watch ALL requests for HOME from all stations
>and so whenever anyone asks for another 
>IGate to "HOME" him, then ALL IGates seeing
>that message will REMOVE this station from
>their HOME lists.
>Thus, users dont have to remember where they
>homed before, but can just send out a new HOME
>message and all prior entries will be canceled and
>only the new HOME Igate will pick it up.
>Done.  Automatic,  Initiated by end user.
>All it takes is a little IGate code.
>de WB4APR

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