[aprssig] APRS Field Day on 145.01

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sat Jun 18 08:54:07 CDT 2005

Field Day is the epiphany of APRS.
Under field conditions, creating an AD-HOC digital
network for sharring commuications with all around
you is-was-and always has been the main objective 
of APRS.

I have only fielded one or two questions about how
to set up APRS for this FD on 145.01, and this either
means that everyone is fully ready to go and under
stands the challenges or very few are actually going
to make the effort.  See:


I suggest that the easy way to see what is going to
happen is for everyone NOW till FD to place objects
on their maps representing their intended FD ops
AND frequency.  Remember it must be on a different
freq and use different assets from 144.39 to count
under the ARRL FD rules.  I suggest the national
digital channel of 145.01 for that day.

1) Everyone use the TENT/CAMP/PORTABLE symbol
to make them easy to search by symbol

2) Indicate 145.01 text to show you will actually do APRS
(I see several FD obj, but no idea if they will be APRS)

3) Everyone with a D700 or Home station with KPC-3
or Software that can digipeat UITRACE, set to support
"TEMPn-N" by setting their UITRACE to TEMP,28
(D700 uses just UITRACE TEMP.)

4) On FD, everyone QSY to 145.01 and set up TEMPn-N
stations and digis, the more the better!

NOTICE that  you can put UITRACE TEMP into ALL
your systems NOW including your mobile AND leave it 
their PERMANENTLY even while you are on 144.39 
because it will not hurt anything.  THink of it as a sleeping
capability that can be used at any time for testing but
can be instantly QSY'ed on FD.

This dependence on TEMPn-N as the universal APRS
ad-hoc path does have a disadvantage in that only
TNC's that can support it can be used as digis.  Thus,
you have to plan ahead on what to make your portable
stations from.  But UIVIEW operating with a KISS
TNC can support UITRACE TEMP too, so would someone
please publish exactly the minimum steps needed to
make UIview act as a TEMPn-N digi?

Now till then, see my home station Posit text saying:
"Will be FD on 145.01 TEMPn-N digi"

Which shows up nicely on the Kenwood as:

Will be FD
 on 145.01

See ya on FD!  Where everyone is a digi!

de Wb4APR, Bob

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