[aprssig] APRS freq in Puerto Rico

Robbie Robertson mwrobertson at comcast.net
Sat Jun 18 09:21:52 CDT 2005


Before I started using filter port 14580, which I suggest you do unless 
the whole world feed is what you're after, I did see PR stations on my 
WinAPRS maps.. I would think they are still on 144.390 along with the 
majority of the world.

In the meantime, I remember from back then, a file "memory.txt" in the 
WinAPRS directory solved the memory problem up to a point.. There are 
just too many aprs stations today for one to allow the full feed. It 
puts your computer on its knees in short time!


Keith Kotch wrote:
> I'm making a quick business trip to PR on Sunday night, coming back Tuesday
> morning.  Planning to take along mobile setup and wanted to play with
> tracking while there on Monday.  Having trouble finding/verifying the APRS
> frequency being used there.  Haven't gotten a response from a ham there yet
> so does anyone on the sig know the APRS frequency for Puerto Rico?
> Keith, KF4BXT
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