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[aprssig] Intermediate Resources

Christopher Long calgoofer at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 18 17:25:55 UTC 2005

Can anyone point me to some intermediate level
resources regarding APRS.  Most of what I've found on
the subject has either been so basic or outdated that
it is of limited value (i.e. the ARRL book on the
subject), or addresses the advanced points of the
subject, many of which are a bit beyond me right now. 

Specifically I just bought a Kenwood D700 and would
like to configure it properly.  I know that RELAY,WIDE
seems to be wrong based on the conversations I read
here, but I'm not clear on what is right. 
RELAY,WIDE2-2? WIDE2-2 only? some other combination. 
I'm in an APRS wasteland out here.  I can drive around
for an hour and only get one or two stations.  Seems
odd since I'm just outside the DC metro area.  Would
an incorrect path cause me not to recieve packets?  I
hear lots of packets, but few of them trigger anything
on my radio...what's that all about?

In any case these are the kinds of questions I'm
struggling with, I'm perfectly happy to read and
research, however like I mentioned everything I've
found seems to be either Elementary level APRS info or
Graduate level APRS....Where's the High School level
APRS info?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

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