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[aprssig] Question about paths

n4qwf at ntelos.net n4qwf at ntelos.net
Sat Jun 18 21:10:55 UTC 2005

Thanks for taking the time to repsond. As I understand it your message is
aimed at how I can get to the internet while I am at my home area. My
concern is how do I get to my home area when I am away from home. Such as
I was this past week while on vacation in Nagshead,NC. I don't have any
problem here in Lynchburg,Va. with things working rather nicely using
WA4BWB-3. I use a path of Wide 3-3. Most of the fellows here do the same.
I saw some of those on the screen of my D-700 while I was away but none of
them saw me back here. Something seems wrong with that. Seems I should
have been the one using a path that would get me digi'ed and not someone
who is at home and does not need to be seen around the country. I changed
the path in my radio APRS setup to a number of different alias but none
seemed to work. I would hope at some point there would be established a
path setting that anyone could change there local setting to and get
digi'ed back to were it matters. If concern over network congestion is
going to prevent those that matter most from being seen then why use it?
Maybe that clarifies my question. Thanks for your attention and 73's <<

> I would ask which digi do you hit from your home location and what aliases
> does it support? If the digi that hears your packets do not respond to the
> elements in your path, then your packet will not get digi'd. Many of the
> digi's in East TN do not support the new WIDEn-N paradigm.
> I agree with Bob that your home station should have an alias of WIDE1-1
> (and
> optionally RELAY to support people during the migration to the new
> paradigm).
> With that setup, your mobile station should be set to WIDE1-1. When you
> are in
> range of your home station, your mobile would get digi'd by your home
> station,
> thus giving it the same basic coverage as your home station.
> If your home station is an IGate, then that may be all you need in the
> path of
> your mobile station. It would get to your IGate directly and would be able
> to
> send messages via the APRS-IS to other stations.
> If you want more coverage locally via RF, then you could use a path of
> WIDE1-1, WIDE2-1. This will digi thru your home station, then one more hop
> from the digi that hears your home station.
> If your home station is not an IGate, then you need to add to that path.
> If
> the path that you are using at your home station is getting your packets
> to an
> IGate, then add the path that you are using with your home station to your
> mobile tracker, so you would have a path of WIDE1-1,WIDE2-2.
> That's my advice.
>> WA4YYM at aol.com wrote:
>> I have two questions about APRS paths.  1) In my home location
>> (Cleveland,
>> TN) my home (fixed) APRS station can access a local digipeater  (which
>> uses
>> the
>> new paradigm), but my mobile station around town cannot reliably  reach
>> the
>> digipeater.  If my home station is set to WIDE2-2 and my mobile  station
>> is
>> set
>> to WIDE1-1,WIDE2-2 will my mobile station be able to reach the
>> digipeater?
>> 2) What would happen if I stayed with RELAY,WIDE which some of  the
>> other
>> yet-to-be-upgraded digipeaters near our area still use?   Would I still
>> be
>> digipeated on the local digipeater which has switched to the  new path
>> paradigm, if
>> my station at home is still set to WIDE2-2.  My home  APRS station is
>> the
>> only
>> fixed station in our town.
>> Don
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