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[aprssig] APRS freq in Puerto Rico

Hector Cintron mlist at hwic.net
Sun Jun 19 00:43:42 UTC 2005

Hi Keith.
  My name is Hector - N1TKK.  I run 2 of the DIGI's and also a Tier 2
Igate down here.  The freq is the same as in the US 144.39 and we are
running with the new standard, recomended path is WIDE2-2. WIDE, RELAY
and TRACE are discontinue .  If you have any question feel free to send
me an email.
Hector - N1TKK

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Subject: [aprssig] APRS freq in Puerto Rico

I'm making a quick business trip to PR on Sunday night, coming back
morning.  Planning to take along mobile setup and wanted to play with
tracking while there on Monday.  Having trouble finding/verifying the
frequency being used there.  Haven't gotten a response from a ham there
so does anyone on the sig know the APRS frequency for Puerto Rico?


Keith, KF4BXT

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