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[aprssig] APRS Field Day on 145.01

Paul Kronenwetter n2kiq at arrl.net
Sun Jun 19 02:19:28 UTC 2005


I've been getting acquainted with DIGI_NED of late and am attempting to
create a configuration file for use during field day that conforms to
Bob's outline, but I need some advice on the details.

I apologize in advance for the length of this config file but I'm open
to any suggestions on how to reduce the size, it's about 170 lines.

If this or a file with suggested changes looks acceptable, I'll put one
of these up in my vehicle during Field Day on 145.01 and encourage
others in the Central Florida area to do the same with what they have.

Thanks & '73!

;  DIGI_NED Digi - Field Day Paradigm setup
version: 2
beacon: 10 all DIGI_DEST,TEMP7-7
send: 10 all ID
digipeat: all DIGI_CALL all
digipeat: all wide7-7 all swap DIGI_CALL,wide2-1
digipeat: all wide7-6 all swap2 DIGI_CALL,wide2
digipeat: all wide6-6 all swap DIGI_CALL,wide2-1
digipeat: all wide6-5 all swap2 DIGI_CALL,wide2
digipeat: all wide5-5 all swap DIGI_CALL,wide2-1
digipeat: all wide5-4 all swap2 DIGI_CALL,wide2
digipeat: all wide4-4 all swap DIGI_CALL,wide2-1
digipeat: all wide4-3 all swap2 DIGI_CALL,wide2
digipeat: all wide3-3 all swap DIGI_CALL,wide2-1
digipeat: all wide3-2 all swap2 DIGI_CALL,wide2
digipeat: all wide2-2 all swap DIGI_CALL,wide2-1
digipeat: all wide2-1 all swap2 DIGI_CALL,wide2
digifirst: all wide1-1 all
digifirst: all temp7-7 all swap DIGI_CALL,temp7-6
digipeat: all temp7-6 all swap0 temp7-5
digipeat: all temp7-5 all swap0 temp7-4
digipeat: all temp7-4 all swap0 temp7-3
digipeat: all temp7-3 all swap0 temp7-2
digipeat: all temp7-2 all swap0 temp7-1
digipeat: all temp7-1 all swap temp7
digifirst: all temp6-6 all swap DIGI_CALL,temp6-5
digipeat: all temp6-5 all swap0 temp6-4
digipeat: all temp6-4 all swap0 temp6-3
digipeat: all temp6-3 all swap0 temp6-2
digipeat: all temp6-2 all swap0 temp6-1
digipeat: all temp6-1 all swap temp6
digifirst: all temp5-5 all swap DIGI_CALL,temp5-4
digipeat: all temp5-4 all swap0 temp5-3
digipeat: all temp5-3 all swap0 temp5-2
digipeat: all temp5-2 all swap0 temp5-1
digipeat: all temp5-1 all swap temp5
digifirst: all temp4-4 all swap DIGI_CALL,temp4-3
digipeat: all temp4-3 all swap0 temp4-2
digipeat: all temp4-2 all swap0 temp4-1
digipeat: all temp4-1 all swap temp4
digifirst: all temp3-3 all swap DIGI_CALL,temp3-2
digipeat: all temp3-2 all swap0 temp3-1
digipeat: all temp3-1 all swap temp3
digifirst: all temp2-2 all swap DIGI_CALL,temp2-1
digipeat: all temp2-1 all swap temp2
digifirst: all temp1-1 all swap DIGI_CALL,temp1
digifirst: all fl7-7 all swap DIGI_CALL,fl7-6
diginext: all fl7-7 all swap0 fl7-6
digipeat: all fl7-6 all swap0 fl7-5
digipeat: all fl7-5 all swap0 fl7-4
digipeat: all fl7-4 all swap0 fl7-3
digipeat: all fl7-3 all swap0 fl7-2
digipeat: all fl7-2 all swap0 fl7-1
digipeat: all fl7-1 all swap fl7
digifirst: all fl6-6 all swap DIGI_CALL,fl6-5
diginext: all fl6-6 all swap0 fl6-5
digipeat: all fl6-5 all swap0 fl6-4
digipeat: all fl6-4 all swap0 fl6-3
digipeat: all fl6-3 all swap0 fl6-2
digipeat: all fl6-2 all swap0 fl6-1
digipeat: all fl6-1 all swap fl6
digifirst: all fl5-5 all swap DIGI_CALL,fl5-4
diginext: all fl5-5 all swap0 fl5-4
digipeat: all fl5-4 all swap0 fl5-3
digipeat: all fl5-3 all swap0 fl5-2
digipeat: all fl5-2 all swap0 fl5-1
digipeat: all fl5-1 all swap fl5
digifirst: all fl4-4 all swap DIGI_CALL,fl4-3
diginext: all fl4-4 all swap0 fl4-3
digipeat: all fl4-3 all swap0 fl4-2
digipeat: all fl4-2 all swap0 fl4-1
digipeat: all fl4-1 all swap fl4
digifirst: all fl3-3 all swap DIGI_CALL,fl3-2
diginext: all fl3-3 all swap0 fl3-2
digipeat: all fl3-2 all swap0 fl3-1
digipeat: all fl3-1 all swap fl3
digifirst: all fl2-2 all swap DIGI_CALL,fl2-1
diginext: all fl2-2 all swap0 fl2-1
digipeat: all fl2-1 all swap fl2
digifirst: all fd7-7 all swap DIGI_CALL,fd7-6
diginext: all fd7-7 all swap0 fd7-6
digipeat: all fd7-6 all swap0 fd7-5
digipeat: all fd7-5 all swap0 fd7-4
digipeat: all fd7-4 all swap0 fd7-3
digipeat: all fd7-3 all swap0 fd7-2
digipeat: all fd7-2 all swap0 fd7-1
digipeat: all fd7-1 all swap fd7
digifirst: all fd6-6 all swap DIGI_CALL,fd6-5
diginext: all fd6-6 all swap0 fd6-5
digipeat: all fd6-5 all swap0 fd6-4
digipeat: all fd6-4 all swap0 fd6-3
digipeat: all fd6-3 all swap0 fd6-2
digipeat: all fd6-2 all swap0 fd6-1
digipeat: all fd6-1 all swap fd6
digifirst: all fd5-5 all swap DIGI_CALL,fd5-4
diginext: all fd5-5 all swap0 fd5-4
digipeat: all fd5-4 all swap0 fd5-3
digipeat: all fd5-3 all swap0 fd5-2
digipeat: all fd5-2 all swap0 fd5-1
digipeat: all fd5-1 all swap fd5
digifirst: all fd4-4 all swap DIGI_CALL,fd4-3
diginext: all fd4-4 all swap0 fd4-3
digipeat: all fd4-3 all swap0 fd4-2
digipeat: all fd4-2 all swap0 fd4-1
digipeat: all fd4-1 all swap fd4
digifirst: all fd3-3 all swap DIGI_CALL,fd3-2
diginext: all fd3-3 all swap0 fd3-2
digipeat: all fd3-2 all swap0 fd3-1
digipeat: all fd3-1 all swap fd3
digifirst: all fd2-2 all swap DIGI_CALL,fd2-1
diginext: all fd2-2 all swap0 fd2-1
digipeat: all fd2-1 all swap fd2
digipeat: all fd1-1 all swap fd1
preempt: all DIGI_CALL
preempt: all WIDE2*
preempt: all WIDE3*
preempt: all WIDE4*
preempt: all WIDE5*
preempt: all WIDE6*
preempt: all WIDE7*
preempt: all SC!*
preempt_never_keep: *
size_heard_list: 150
size_heard_show: 40
keep_time: 300
short_keep_time: 10
data_prefix: :?~
message_file: digi_ned.mes
message_keep_time: 900
message_path: all WIDE2-1
max_msg_hops: 2
dx_times: all,24,1
dx_metric: mi
dx_level: all 25-2000 1
dx_path: all DX,WIDE2-1
digi_pos: 2835.63N 08118.08W (W4MCO)
digi_altitude: 1
digi_use_local: 1
digi_utc_offset: +5
msg_block: all N0CALL,NOCALL,MYCALL
kenwood_mode: 1
opentrac_enable: 1
digi_call: W4MCO-10
digi_dest: APRSFD

Robert Bruninga wrote:

>Field Day is the epiphany of APRS.
>Under field conditions, creating an AD-HOC digital
>network for sharring commuications with all around
>you is-was-and always has been the main objective 
>of APRS.
>... Good stuff omitted...

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